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Most women at some point in their lives will suffer from thrush. Fortunately, the condition can be managed and remedied quite easily if you are proactive and seek medical intervention immediately. Chemist Australia provides a range of remedies for thrush treatment. We stock oral solutions and thrush creams sourced from the leading manufacturers specialising in the area. For oral thrush treatment, we stock Canesoral’s single-dose treatment — a capsule designed for effective thrush treatment to occur efficiently and discreetly — and Canseoral’s duo treatment, which includes a capsule and a cream for external treatment. For external treatment only, our range of thrush creams is designed to provide immediate relief to the symptoms of thrush, including itchiness, burning and involuntary discharge. Depending on the severity of your condition, Chemist Australia stocks three-day and six-day treatment courses. We also stock the Canesten pessary and cream for a combined internal and external thrush treatment. The pessary is designed to be inserted into the vagina to treat the infection from the inside and the cream will assist to relieve the external symptoms. Choose from Chemist Australia’s range of thrush treatments and take advantage of our low prices and domestic and international shipping.
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Canesten Vaginal Cream 2% tube of 20g (3 Day)
Canesten Vaginal Cream 1% 35g (6 Day)
Nilstat Vaginal Cream 75G (S4)
Canesoral ONE Oral Capsule
found 4 results in 252.6micros