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Wagner Health is one of Australia’s leading and most trusted brands of high-quality, natural supplements for the promotion and maintenance of individual health and sustained wellbeing. The company specialises in producing supplements designed to improve heart, immune and digestive health, bone and joint function, sleep, weight management and the relief of muscle cramps and tension. Chemist Australia stocks a wide selection of Wagner Vitamins and other Wagner products to assist you in the regulation of your good health. Our range includes the Wagner collection of magnesium-based products, ideal for the promotion of better bone and hearth health, the relief of stress and tension and the management of muscle aches, cramps and spasms. We also stock the Wagner collection of calcium products, designed to promote continued bone health and density; glucosamine products, for the relief of arthritic pain and to increase joint mobility; the Kyolic formula, to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu; fish oil products, for positive heart and joint health; and probiotics-based formulas for the regulation of your digestive health. Choose from Chemist Australia’s one-stop shop for the widest range of Wagner vitamins online and take advantage of our low prices, high-quality products and affordable domestic and international shipping solutions.
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Wagner Magnesium Forte 400mg 200 Capsules
Wagner Magnesium Forte 400mg 100 Capsules
Wagner Magnesium Forte 400mg 50 Capsules
Wagner Total Calcium Complete 150 Tablets
Wagner Kyolic® Original Formula
Wagner Kyolic® High Potency Everyday Formula 120 Capsules
Wagner Kyolic® High Potency Everyday Formula 60 Capsules
Wagner 1500 Max Glucosamine 180 Tab
Wagner Glucosamine 1000mg + MSM 200 Tab
Wagner MSM Joint Formula 500g
Wagner MSM Joint Formula 1kg
Wagner Musseltone 120 Capsules
Wagner Natural Fish Oil 1000mg Caps 200
Wagner Natural Liquid Fish Oil + Vitamin D 500mL
Wagner Probiotica P3 Cap X 90
found 15 results in 564.2micros