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Allevyn Thin 6x5cm Box 10

Allevyn Thin 6x5cm Box 10
Allevyn Thin 6x5cm Box 10

Allevyn Thin is a sterile wound dressing made of polyurethane matrix and a polyurethane top-film.

Product Description

Allevyn Thin 6cm x 5cm 10 Pack

- Self adhesive
- Flexible and highly conformable
- Maintains a moist wound environment
- Waterproof and bacteriaproof
- Permeable to oxygen and water vapour
- Does not adhere to the wound surface
- Sticks well to dry, intact skin

- No need for a secondary dressing
- Can be easily shaped to fit awkward areas
- Bacterial barrier reduces the risk of secondary infection
- Minimises the risk of maceration


Allevyn Thin is designed for the management of granulating, low to moderately exuding superficial wounds such as leg ulcers, skin graft donor sites, pressure ulcers and partial thickness burns 
code: 683 961