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Ascabiol Emulsion 25% 200ML

Ascabiol Emulsion 25% 200ML
Ascabiol Emulsion 25% 200ML

For scabies and body lice


Treatment of scabies:

Adults: First have a hot bath and dry thoroughly. Let the skin cool down before applying the lotion. Apply Ascabiol Lotion in a thin layer to the whole body from the neck down, using a soft brush (such as a painter's brush). Let the lotion dry (5-10 minutes) and then put on clean clothing. Wat for 24 hours for the Ascabiol to act and then have another hot bath. This treatment should cure the scabies, however the itching may not go away at once. A second treatment after 5 days is only needed if there are still live mites.

Children under 12 years: Dilute with an equal quantity of water before using as per instructions for adults.

For babies: Dilute with 3 parts water.

Treatment of body lice infestations:

Apply a sufficient quantity to coat the affected region, leave for 24 hours, then wash thoroughly with soap and water. Treatment may be repeated after 7 days if there is evidence of living lice.

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