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Biotene Mouthwash 474ML

Biotene Mouthwash 474ML
Biotene Anti-Bacterial Mouth Wash 474mL

Biotene Mouthwash is a soft, gentle feel mouthwash containing a strong antibacterial enzyme formula. Biotene Anti-Bacterial Mouth Wash is a mouthwash that, instead of irritating tender tissues, helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Anti-bacterial alcohol free. cleans & refreshes without burning.

The gentle mouthwash that kills germs. Clinically, allergy & hospital tested.

Imagine a mouthwash with a soft gentle feel containing a strong antibacterial formula. A mouthwash that, instead of irritating tender tissues, positively contribute to their health.

Only biotene contains 4 antibacterial enzymes which boost the defence system normally found in saliva. together they help protect teeth & gums. Biotene is especially beneficial to individuals experiencing dyr mouth or having oral irritations

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