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Bis Pectin Antacid 200ML

Bis Pectin Antacid 200ML
max 2 per order
Bis-Pectin 200ml

Provides effective symptomatic relief of acute, non-severe diarrhoea and minor gastro-intestinal upsets in adults nd children (over 8 years of age).

- Reduces frequency by slowing gut motility.

- Reduces feelings of urgency.

- Improves stool consistency.

- Relieves associated abdominal pain.

- Can be used in pregnancy (Category "A")

- Pleasant spearmint flavour.

When to use?

Acute, non-severe diarrhoea and minor gastro-ntestinal upsets in adults and children (over 8 years of age).

Active ingredients

Each 15mL contains Codeine Phosphate 8.1mg, Light Kaolin 1.9g, Dried Aluminium Hydroxide 375mg, Pectin 120mg)

Why use - key benefits

- Bis-Pectin has over 40 years' history of proven performance, efficacy and reliability.

- Reduces frequency by slowing gut motility

- Reduces feelings of urgency

- Improves stool consistency

- Relieves associated abdominal pain

- Can be used in pregnancy (Category "A")

- Gluten free

- Economical with 13 doses per 200ml bottle

- Pleasant spearmint flavour

- Dosage

Adults and children more than 12 years: 15mL hourly for 3 doses, then at 3 hourly intervals.

Children 8 to 11 years: 11mL every 4 hours.

code: 216 598